About Us

Creativeness is a team of graphic artists and marketing strategists who help corporations and entrepreneurs create branding, webpages, SEO building, digital & virtual marketing, social media management, and client relations management systems. Most companies only focus on making visually attractive designs for customers. Without the proper marketing strategies and automated customer retention set in place, precious time and valuable leads, and profits are lost.

Creativeness strives to combine creativity and business in one; thinking outside of the box, adhering to ever-changing technology, and customizing unique designs for each of our customers that set them apart.

“Digital design is like painting,
except the paint never dries."



Developing a clear focus gives us the tools to tackle any challenges businesses face. With a specific goal in mind; whether it is to build a better brand, develop a social media plan, expand networks, or organize data into one automated system, we will take care of it so you can focus on what’s more important, your business.


Great designs tell stories that speak louder than words. Our goal is to deliver the best design with a story that speaks to you and your prospective customers. Give us ideas that inspire you or let us create something entirely for you, we are here to help you turn that vision into reality.


Communication is key. Customer retention is everything.

Businesses spend time, money, and energy building online and offline presence, doing all the right things to market to their customers, but forget that building these relationships are what takes businesses to the next level. Creativeness does all the grunt work to maintain and increase customer relations with automated systems that give you complete control over your entire business network and voice.